ESG Mission Statement

LBA focuses our sustainability framework around making a positive impact for our investors, customers, employees, service providers, and communities where we invest, live and work. The foundation of our program is built upon improving our environmental impact, while taking a business case approach that is tailored to meet the needs of our assets, funds and portfolio strategies. We measure results through benchmarking, financial performance and alignment with the industry’s most innovative practices as we remain committed to continuous improvement to evolve our program year-over-year.

Office Initiatives and Approach

Carbon Reduction Focus

LBA Realty continues to invest in energy efficiency, technologies and operational best practices to ensure we make advancements to reduce carbon emissions, lower operating costs and make a positive environmental impact within our communities.

Energy Conservation Measures

We continue to prioritize energy conservation measures including lighting retrofits, cool roofs, smart building technologies and additional upgrades and replacements, all of which significantly reduce operating costs and LBA’s carbon footprint.

Water Efficiency and Conservation

LBA actively identifies ways to improve water efficiency by implementing strategies such as drought tolerant and native plant materials, drip irrigation, weather sensors, low flow faucets and toilets and partnering with customers to educate them on best practices to reduce water.

Waste Reduction Practices

We remain committed to reducing waste, reusing materials and implementing recycling programs at our buildings. LBA partners with a third-party service provider to actively monitor and audit service levels to improve diversion rates. We have made it a priority to educate employees and tenants on how to reduce waste and properly recycle.

Health and Wellness

LBA continues to have a strong focus in health and wellness and that remains at the forefront of implementing strategies to support exceptional indoor environments and the well-being of employees and building occupants.

Green Building Certifications

As part of LBA’s ESG program, we utilize green certifications as third-party validation of exceptional sustainable operations to demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainability.